Event – The Emerald Exchange

This past weekend, we attended THE EMERALD EXCHANGE, and man were our eyes opened. The times they are a changing and it’s time we #MAMAS get informed and start to break the stigma in this new era! Remember how we said We’re NOT Your Mama’s Mamas blog? Welp, we’re about to prove it.

So what exactly did we learn about at The Emerald Exchange? Cannabis (aka- weed, ganja, pot, and a bunch of other nicknames we’re too old to remember at this point), that’s what. Yeah-huh, Mamas learned all about the amazing things cannabis can do and about some fantastic products that are made from it.

The Emerald Exchange showcased world class, sun grown Cannabis from Northern California’s most elite cultivators and artisan hash makers. Gathered together, they purveyed their products for a select group of sophisticated Southern California members of the Cannabis Community.

We were lucky enough to be invited to walk around the Cannabis Farmers Market that featured 20+ different vendors primarily featuring sun-grown Northern California cannabis cultivators. These products ranged from the cannabis flowers themselves, to edibles (often used to treat insomnia), to skin creams and topical oils to aliviate stress, to cannabis capsules that can be used to help cancer patients combat the side effects of treatment as well as slow down cell growth.

The more we talked to the farmers and vendors we met there (including our friends from Cannakids!), the more we realized that the bad rap this natural resource gets has got to end.

With more and more states legalizing the use of cannabis both medically and recreationally, and new studies and articles coming out everyday about its healing affects (here’s a good one:  http://healthnetlive.com/u-s-just-admitted-that-cannabis-does-kill-cancer-cells-4/) isn’t it time we stop judging and start normalization? We think so, and we’re pretty sure that conversation has to start with Mamas. Cause if your Mama says it’s ok, it’s ok. Are we right?

Obviously education is key when it comes to just about everything, which is why we found this event so super helpful. And don’t worry, we will continue to talk and educate about this healing herb and we hope you will join our conversation.

Meanwhile, we made a list of some of our favorite products below! Please check them out, try them out, and give them a shout out when ya do. This industry is full of some of the most dedicated, generous and genuine folks we’ve met to date, so show them some love!

www.mycaprovider.com (Topical/AMAZING lotion)
www.leafly.com/brands/deviant-dabs (Great product w the best packaging for women!)
www.cbd.org (All kinds of awesome, including CBD capsules for patients in treatment)
www.truehumboldt.com (Great people, great products.)
www.shineonfarms.com (Flowers, etc.)
www.chocowaska.com (Hemp milk!)


On a more personal note, we have seen the healing awesomeness of cannabis in action as we’ve watched Sophie Ryan get treated with it. So, try to put your preconceived notions aside and ask yourself, if it can help a child with cancer, what else can it do and why aren’t we all supporting it? That’s what we asked ourselves and we found our answer. We hope you will too.


The Mamas