Emerald Exchange
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who we are


Above all else, Emerald Exchange is a community. We represent small-batch, family farmers from Northern California who honor the tradition and heritage of working with the elements to produce the cleanest and most fully expressive cannabis in a socially, economically and environmentally regenerative way.


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What we do


We’re here because of them. We support the heritage farming community who helped pave the way for the cannabis industry in California (and the world). Our unique platform  highlights Northern California cultivators and brands that source from the Emerald Triangle, and educates consumers on the important questions to ask when buying cannabis.


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Cannabis is a lot more than just “weed”.  We understand the value of a well-cultivated plant and the small farm community of the Emerald Triangle has put their lives on the line for generations to cultivate true craft cannabis, and we want to see that community thrive in the new market. We believe in the right of all Californians to experience the rich heritage of Northern California cannabis.

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#KnowYourGrower. We create opportunities for consumers to connect directly with and help support Northern California cultivators through our immersive and dynamic events. The Emerald Outpost will provide the conscious community of new and existing cannabis enthusiasts the ability to access products they can trust from a source they can feel good about.   


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